DRA15/2008 Paul Galvin v CHC and CAC – Statement II

The DRA Tribunal which sat on the 15 th and 21 st July 2008 has quashed the Decision of the Central Hearings Committee (CHC) made on the 23 rd June 2008 in respect of Mr. Paul Galvin

Whilst Mr. Galvin accepted that an incident happened on the 15 th June 2008 which warranted the commencement of disciplinary proceedings, the DRA Tribunal is of the view that procedural irregularities occurred at the CHC hearing on the 23 rd June 2008 which were in breach of his right to fair procedures and to a fair hearing.

The DRA Tribunal has directed as follows:

  1. that the matter be re-heard by a newly convened and differently constituted CHC as soon as possible; and
  2. that Mr. Galvin remains suspended in the interim period and is not eligible to play Gaelic games until the disciplinary process has been concluded.