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Disputes Resolution Authority

At Congress 2005, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) adopted an Arbitration Rule and a Disputes Resolution Code.

It also established the Disputes Resolution Authority (DRA) to implement the Code. The DRA is independent of the GAA and maintains a panel of Arbitrators from which it establishes Arbitration Tribunals to deal with disputes referred to it. The Panel comprises Solicitors, Barristers, Arbitrators and persons 'who, by virtue of their experience and expertise in the affairs of the Association, are properly qualified to resolve disputes relating to the Rules of the Association'.

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Congress 2005

Congress 2005 appointed Liam Keane as Secretary of the DRA for a term of three years. This was extended by a further year in 2008. At its Congress in 2009, the GAA appointed Matt Shaw as the new Secretary of the DRA. In 2015, Jack Anderson was appointed by Congress as the third Secretary of the DRA. In 2017, former Offaly hurler and barrister, Rory Hanniffy was appointed Secretary.